As Photo Shoot Turkey, we also can give distance production services to you.

With our “Distance Productions” service, Our clients can carry out their shoot without coming to Turkey. We can provide our production services in Turkey and around the World.

How we perform our online services:

  1. We listen to your requests over the phone, mail or video call.
  2. After receiving your requests, our team holds online meetings, discusses creative ideas according to your needs, and we budget your project and pass our offer.
  3. If you approve the project, we work online with our selected photographer on shooting plans.
  4. After completing our preliminary preparations, we carry out our PPMs (pre-shoot meetings) with our customers online.
  5. As soon as we receive shooting approval from our customer, we prepare the team that will appear on the field together with our experienced production team for safe and contactless shooting.
  6. All shots are state permits, and we will perform our shots in line with our official shots. We try to design our team in the best effective way for the project as possible.
  7. You can follow photoshoot online.
  8. We provide retouch services and deliver them to you online.
  9. On your wish we can ship back the products you have sent to us.
To sum up, PST Online; plans creative solutions, shooting, re-touch post-production etc. for your production.
We are at your service with our services! 

• Creative Development
• Creative Talent
• Production Crew
• Digital Equipment
• Light Equipment
• Set Design
• Location Scouting
• Shooting Permissions
• Hair and Make-Up
• Styling
• Model Booking